System for the control of a galvanizing plant and analysis of process data.


This system controls the operation of the burner in the system in order to maximize the life of the molten zinc containment tank; By using cascaded PID controls and acquiring a large number of temperature signals, the system allows you to fine-tune the bath temperature.

Detects malfunctioning situations, indicating these through a control Panel, or with SMS. The collected data is processed and stored. The processing software implements ad hoc data analysis algorithms for the extraction of significant data for the production (average daily production, tank wear rate, yield…)

Areas involved

Industrial process controls, software development, signal processing

Customer Results:

+ 30% Energy Saving

+ Customer registration of the software at SIAE

+  20% longevity of the tank use

+    Improving the knowledge of the process

+   Archiving and processing of process data