Hand Robotic Rehabilitation: From Hospital to Home

International Conference on Robotics in Alpe-Adria Danube Region (06/2018)


Borboni, M. Serpelloni, M. Borghetti, C. Amici, F. Aggogeri, E. Sardini. R. Faglia  Università degli Studi di Brescia

Fausti, M. Antonini, M. Mor Polibrixia srl


Stroke patients are often affected by hemiparesis. In the rehabilitation of these patients the function of the hand is often neglected. Thus in this work we propose a robotic approach to the rehabilitation of the hand of a stroke patient in hospital and also at home. Some experimental results can be presented here especially for inpatients. Further experimental results on home-patients must be acquired through a telemedicine platform, designed for this application.