Carton Sheeting device for packaging


Areas involved

From the customer’s need to the design and realization of a prototype at a company.

Software development of kineto- dynamic study and optimization of algorithms.

Mechanical design and CAD modeling, sizing and verification with FEM methods.

Customer Results

An innovative product.

+ Increase in process speed.

+ Reduction of vibration and noise.

+Better performance and reliability.

+ Reduction of encumbrances.

+  Filling patent


Automatic machine for the assembly of Monocles on glasses lenses.


Areas involved

From listening to the customer’s need, to the development of the idea, to the realization of the CE certification product. Analysis of the business process. CAD Modeling and Executive design. Sizing and verification. Realization of components and use of technologies in rapid prototyping, assembling and tuning. Software development control, development algorithms calculation and machine settings.

Design and implementation of the electronics and user interface.

CE marking.

Customer Results

Increase in production performance.

Simplify an operator’s activity by automating a manual process.

Precision improvement and repeatability.

Management of data on the entire production line and traceability of each single code.

Wave energy Extraction System


Through an ingenious float system we use an oscillatory movement to capture wave energy  which moves an alternator and produce electricity. A specially designed motion transmission transforms the oscillatory motion into a continuous rotary motion, effectively activating the alternator.

Areas involved

From the idea to its development through functional and executive design. Development of  kineto-dynamic studies software and performance optimization algorithms. Floating wave interaction.

Design and modeling CAD, sizing and verification with FEM methods.

Customer Results

+ New product.

+   Development of a new technology the production of energy from renewable sources.

+   Patent.

+  Media attention.

+  Interest on the part of the national and foreign stakeholders in the reference sector.